Police in County Durham swooped on a notorious swingers club after reports a child had entered the venue – only to discover the person was in fact just a “shorter” party-goer.

Officers visited ClubF, a club in Stanley, which boasts a spa, several hotel rooms and a dungeon, after a concerned member of the public reported a minor was on the premises.

However, police from Durham Constabulary soon discovered everything was in order at the business, after owners confirmed the person was an adult customer. 

“Police were called following concerns a child had entered a hotel named ClubF on High street, Stanley,” a spokesman for the force said.

“Officers spoke to the staff at the hotel who confirmed the female was one of their customers who was an adult.”

Little more detail of the investigation was recorded, although official logs stated the woman who had come under scrutiny was of “shorter stature”. 

Details of the incident, which took place in July 2015, emerged this week after a Freedom of Information request into police activity at the controversial club.

Logs also revealed ClubF, which offers membership from £10 a year with discounts for armed forces and emergency services personnel, had been subject to antisocial behaviour by teenagers.

Groups had been caught numerous times “banging on doors” and “kicking doors of the club,” according to The Evening Chronicle.

The club has been operating since at least 2004, but gained notoriety in 2013, when the new £30m North Durham Academy opened across the road, prompting outrage from some local residents.

On its website, ClubF states it has taken “a long to time” to gain the trust and respect of “most locals, the police and council,” urging members to show respect towards its neighbours.